Khukri XXX Rum

This award winning rum stands as the classic rum of the Himalayas. In every sip,you will experience a history of humble traditions, expert connoisseurship and flavours that speak to you of the ice capped mountains and the warmth it beckons.

Khukri XXX Rum carries the character of a bold beginning. Since 1959, to the very present, all that was the best, still is. With the traditional and natural processes of caramelisation to the aging of the blend in homes of oak, it flows in step with the oldest operating distillery in Nepal.

Each bottle of the rum is a stamp of a classic blend, unique to the Himalayas. Smooth, full-bodied, with an elegant finish and a hint of oak, each bottle beckons the gifts of tradition, unchanging, and a character that never gets old.

Khukri Spice Rum

Revamp your taste buds and experience a rum thats bold, playful and truly cosmopolitan, with secret spices of the Himalayas that leave you buzzing.

Khukri Spice Rum finds a way to keep the tradition of its taste intact, all the while pushing forward the style and aesthetics of the modern rum connoisseur. It is home to a history of a classic blend passed down from generations but has the rigour, style and spice of the modern lifestyle. The hand picked Himalayan herbs become the special spice ingredients that give a new life to the traditional taste of Khukri. Enjoy your Khukri Spice Rum with Cola, a squeeze of lime, topped with crushed ice and plenty of fresh mint leaves for the drink to truly thrive. You at once feel connected to a heritage, while looking out to the present, filled with a taste that makes summer come alive.

Coronation Rum

Filled in hand crafted bottles in the shape of the historic Khukri, the Coronation Rum carries a valiant sophistication in its taste and style.

Each blend carries with it a mark of its time. Introduced in 1974, Coronation Rum marks the the coronation of His Royal Highness Bir Bikram Shah Dev. Each bottle is individually hand crafted to the shape of the Khukuri, a dagger symbolic of Nepalese history and traditions.

Its uniquely rough finish speaks of the person it was made by and of the times it blends unto itself. From 1974 up until now, the Coronation Rum echoes a history, while giving you a taste of the present, crafted by hands encompassing decades.

Gifting Khukuri

You can gift an experience of the Himalayan rum, rich in its history, taste and traditions.

A mark of local craftsmanship and fine blends, it becomes an ideal gift for various occasions, another excuse to share the joys of a classic rum.