Rum from the top of the world

"Rum dissipates melancholy, rejoices the heart, purifies understanding and lights up the spirit" - J.G.Guillame, Le Rhum

Drink, specially rum, makes some of us more sociable. On a good day, it liberates quirkiness and wit. It loosens the tongue. Sometimes it speeds the pen, oils the typewriter, or drives the disk.

Rum brings people together like no other potion. It inspires in many ways. Lord Byron once declared that "There's nought no doubt so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion". Khukri XXX Rum is a uniquely positioned product which evokes the nostagia of 'The Himalayas' in its aroma and full bodied taste.

It is Nepal's oldest brand and is the leader of the Nepalese rum market since 1959, year after year. 'Khukri's empathy with its origin is transcendental, it transports the mind to images of the magnificent Himalayas, where nature boasts it's powerful sinews, flaky humour and treacherous Omnipotence - the ultimate rendezvous to be re-lived again and again.' We believe Khukri XXX Rum is one of life's pleasures. Drink it how you wish, but always drink it with pleasure.
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