A group of people set their hearts to starting something special, for the first time in Nepal. What they started then,wove itself to the time and tides to become a rich heritage, a classic story of how a quality blend concocted in the city traveled to the far reaches of the country and beyond. It was in that year that Nepal officially joined an almost 300 year old global tradition of quality rum.

Mr J.R. Contractor rallied his resources. It was time to take the production of the finest rum to an unprecedented level. But great leaps begin with humble stories. Pot stills whose designs harked back to the 1870s were brought in and people pulled their sleeves up to concoct a blend that would replenish its drinkers for years to come. The stuff of rum, from the sugarcanes that offer the rich caramel to the pot stills, the wooden barrels to the giant oak casks have become story tellers in their own right. And they speak of times, marked by a classic blend, which we have preserved until now, so that the story is told again and again.

Our trajectory is marked by products that could easily be a symbol of their times. Gaule, coloured our customers' lives with the homely memories of the village life, a sweet nostalgia for the good times shared with family and friends entwined with the gifts of natural beauty and warmth. Much like great stories, Gaule stirred the heart to say “Those were the times!”. Napolean, a turn to sophistication that goes hand in hand with the Nepali heart, was a succinct statement of the bold Nepali who knew how to enjoy life with style, in line with the classic times. Brands like these have marked phases of our story buoyed by a distinct taste of a special blend.

And now, our stamp lies with Khukri, the rum of today, that echoes the very beginning of an imitable blend. XXX Khukri, Coronation rum, and Khukri spice rum have found a place in the hearts of people all over Nepal and beyond. It has become an identity of the classic times, with the boldness and character of the modern world.

It is amazing to look back at how the blend that was first made in the traditional pot stills in 1959 has evolved to become an internationally acclaimed, award winning rum, enjoyed by all, rum connoisseurs included.

Our story is one of a vision come true. We wanted to create a culture of sophisticated pleasures of life through a product we know is the best there is. What we find now, is how our story has walked in step with the stories of the times gone by and will walk in step with stories yet to be told. Our blend tells it all, without words.