Our values continue a shared experience, rich in its history, bold in its style, and here to give you a taste of a character passed down from generations, each proud of what it has been a part of.

Our unchanging classic blend, carries with it a heritage of a community dedicated to creating the best rum there is. And our community is as dedicated as it was since the very beginning of it all. Our traditional blend and processes of production,distinct to its classic beginning, gives you a home to come back to while changes abound. And we know how to embrace the good changes while making sure our classic character is intact.

We value our history and tailor it with scientific changes, all the while preserving our blend, our community and our love for the classic rum that echoes the classic times. We value our place in a culture of the rum connoisseurs, sophisticated and versatile, from the very beginning till now. We believe in blending our impeccable quality with a style that reminisces the past, the present and the future, so that together we can carry a culture of the best quality rum of the Himalayas, from one generation to the next.