Rum from the top of the world

The Nepal Distillery Pvt. Ltd. (NDPL) is Nepal's leading spirits company with a portfolio of premium brands such as Khukri Rum, Khukri Special, John Bull, Napoleon, Gaule and Old Reserve Whiskey out of which Khukri Rum is an absolute market leader.

NDPL was one of the first Distilleries to be established in the organised sector in Nepal in the year 1960 by Mr. J. R. Contractor.

Kathmandu is the ideal location for a Distillery because of its cool weather conditions, clean air and most importantly due to the availability of fresh spring water.

The company started its humble beginnings with the distillation of alcohol from Pot Stills whose patent designs goes back to the 1870's. This Pot Still is still in its factory premises as a reminder of how it all started. Presently, the distillation is done through a modern 3 column distillation plant which is used to upgrade raw spirit to neutral spirit as per our required specifications. NDPL's huge maturation capacities are due to its specialised Wooden Vats where the rum is matured for a minimum of eight months.

NDPL has specialised in the production and marketing of its premium "Khukri Rum" which commands over 80% of the market share and is sold locally and exported to other countries as well. NDPL has its own intensive distribution network throughout the country.

NDPL intends to remain the Best Distillery in Nepal.
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