The purest of waters brings to life, some of the best rums. In our snow capped, majestic Himalayas lies that source, from where the fresh, pure, and ice cold waters flow down, thrashing against rocks from the mountains and the hills of some of the highest altitudes,making its way to your sip of Khukri rum.

The pure waters from the Himalayas is the essential element that our rum lives on.It is home to our best flavours and ingredients to thrive and harmonise so that you can get the taste and experience of a rum that's wonderfully potent in every sip. Our fresh spring waters carry the best minerals, the ideal pH value, and the flavour that you can only get from waters that flow to the valley from the top of the world. Our rum is sculpted by these waters to make you feel the home that our rum comes alive to, and with them, you can too.